This project is built on a footprint of 19,825 square meters on a plot located in Khalifa City A. This total built area is made up of 3 clusters. First of which consists of 6 identical 3 story buildings, each floor houses 28studios of 32 square meters having a total of 504 studios within the first cluster.

The second cluster consists of one 3 story building made up of 6 duplex apartments, 2 of which are 4 bedroom apartments with a total of 116 square meters, and 4 of which are 2 bedroom apartments with a total of 72 square meters.

The third cluster is made up of 2 buildings surrounding the second cluster. The two buildings are very similar to that of the second cluster having the only difference to be 2 extra 2 bedroom duplex apartments in each building.

Finally there is a Club House located in the center of the three clusters that includes a multipurpose hall, multipurpose court, 3 swimming pools, indoor gym and a landscaped area serving the entire Staff Accommodation.