Accommodation and Warehouse (GASCO)

Accommodation: This facility has been designed to provide comfort accommodation services to occupants with 7 numbers of standalone buildings having ground and first floor.

Warehouse: This facility has been designed to provide storage facility. Based on our preliminary study this development directly fits under LEED for New Construction via. Warehouse Rating System specifically designed for warehouse usage.


Mussafah Hotel & Leisure Park

  • The multi-use project will be the LEISURE HUB for the surrounding Mussafah population.
  • The project components and design reflect the simple industrial qualities of the surrounding Mussafah area.
  • 3 Star business hotel to serve surrounding Tech Area along with B+ Offices and Car Showrooms
  • Potentially considering automated car parking landmark

Commercial building

W-5 C-18

Mixed-used Commercial Building on Plot C-18 Sector -5 Abu Dhabi. This project is built on a footprint of 20,350 square feet constituted of:

  • Chillers Plant in Basement 4
  • Three Basements used for car parks.
  • Ground & Mezzanine Floors used for retail and general services
  • Four levels of offices
  • Twenty-three residential levels.
  • Two penthouse floors
  • 1 executive office






Modern Market Center

Located in Al Mafraq Industrial Zone over 511,527,613 square meters.


Al Ain Fuggah

Located in Al Ain on a 250,000 m2 plot to be developed in phases.

The project will be comprised of:

  • Staff Accommodation in the first phase
  • Villas
  • Mixed use buildings ranging between studios 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments
  • The infrastructure works associated with the development
  • Community Center
  • A central laundry facility that will cover the requirements for 4 hotels
  • A sewage treatment plant for the development
  • Mini sports and Entertainment complex

Central Cooling Plant

CCP View 2

The Central Cooling Plant (CCP) consists of 4 floors steel structure constructed over an area of 4,800m2 with a capacity of 20,000TR with a thermal storage tank of 2,500TR with four hours back up and connected to a Reverse Osmosis Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant. It is operated by 8 Chillers with a capacity of 2,500TR, 4 cooling towers, 4 primary pumps, 6 secondary pumps and is backed up with a makeup water system that consists of two 300,000 Gallon tanks. The CCP is fed by water from a Sewage Treatment Plant and Treated Sewage Effluent and by a dedicated Reverse Osmosis Plant and has been developed to cater for a 400-key hotel, 485 residential apartment units and 500 staff accommodation units with a provision for future developments of the same capacity.


Abu Dhabi Staff City

This project is built on a footprint of 19,825 square meters on a plot located in Khalifa City A. This total built area is made up of 3 clusters. First of which consists of 6 identical 3 story buildings, each floor houses 28studios of 32 square meters having a total of 504 studios within the first cluster.

The second cluster consists of one 3 story building made up of 6 duplex apartments, 2 of which are 4 bedroom apartments with a total of 116 square meters, and 4 of which are 2 bedroom apartments with a total of 72 square meters.

The third cluster is made up of 2 buildings surrounding the second cluster. The two buildings are very similar to that of the second cluster having the only difference to be 2 extra 2 bedroom duplex apartments in each building.

Finally there is a Club House located in the center of the three clusters that includes a multipurpose hall, multipurpose court, 3 swimming pools, indoor gym and a landscaped area serving the entire Staff Accommodation.


Residential Leisure and Commercial Compound

The compound is mixed-use community development occupying 232,735 square meters west of the Khalifa A City and in close proximity to the Coast Road, Mussafah Road, Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road and the International Airport. It is set to be completed in 2011.

The master plan includes:

  • 60,000 m2 of 8 apartment buildings with a total of 448 units (including ground retail provision on 4 blocks)
  • 185,000 m2 of villas: 80 townhouses, 138 semi-detached, 165 detached villas.
  • Community Centre, housing all amenities, namely a supermarket, retail and fast food shops, bowling center, sport and recreational facilities, bank and mosque for the residents.
  • 13 swimming pools for all age categories, plus water features.
  • 96,000 m2 of landscaped areas including the following:
  • Neighborhood parks.
  • Kids’ playground.
  • Jogging track.
  • One major cooling utility complex along with basic mechanical and electrical amenities to cater to the requirements of the community.
  • Applicable refuse system for the entire development.
  • Basement parking spaces for the residents and visitors.

Conrad Hotel

Located along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, the PPM Conrad Hotel features a 19-story, five-star hotel.  With a total of 180,000 m2, the structure is a mixed-use development consisting of a 49-story office tower, 250 m tall, on top of a 6-story podium containing hotel support services and office lobby.  The soaring tower includes a 559-key five-star hotel above a 40,000 m2 Grade A office tower and a 5,000 m2 outdoor leisure deck and pool area. There are 3 basement parking levels and a separate 13-level automated car parking facility providing a total project capacity for parking of 1,100 cars.

iMCC GREEN conducted a Pre-Evaluation Report to identify compliance with USGBC LEED certification.  The report results indicate that the building, without any changes, will meet LEED GOLD standards.

Should the client determine to proceed with LEED certification, this project would be the first LEED Gold hotel and office complex in Dubai.


Al Forsan International Sports Resort

The Abu Dhabi International Shooting Club is a high-end sports resort with a wide range of facilities including:

  • 36 station sporting clay course
  • 4 compak clay sporting pavilions with air-conditioned waiting room, restrooms and pantry
  • Three 40’ towers using 24 traps
  • Six international skeet fields, sun protected
  • Three Olympic bunker fields, sun protected
  • 25- and 50-meter indoor 10-lane pistol ranges
  • 300-meter outdoor covered high power rifle range
  • Four-acre international paintball facility offering the most advanced paintball experience in the world with an indoor paintball test fire range
  • 3 Wakeboard cable ski lakes
  • Kart Circuit: 1.2Km CIK Category A (30/50/70 mph)
  • Motocross: 1.5Km off-road circuit (quads and buggies) and 0.4Km Kids’ Circuit
  • Equestrian facility catering for 160 horses, including training and polo field
  • Sports fields: floodlit rugby, football, basketball & tennis courts
  • Swimming pool with barside service
  • Health club: high-tech gym with sauna, steam and massage
  • Immaculate changing rooms with lockers and showers along with extensive retail and ProShops
  • International cuisine: terrace-viewing restaurants