As iMCC, we are considered the trusted advisor to many major businesses, governments, and institutions both locally and globally. We help leaders make informed, strategic and tactical decisions that help create and sustain optimum performance of their organizations.  We achieve this by engaging their challenges holistically in roles as business consultants, coaches, and project integrators. This approach ensures balance and integrity across all consultants and disciplines.

By recruiting and retaining high caliber employees, taking advantage of the latest production technologies, and maintaining a commitment to quality, safety and environment, iMCC intends to selectively target large, complex and demanding projects. Furthermore, we are committed to ensure the highest quality of work by providing our clients with exceptional personalized services, resulting in a focused response to their specific needs and goals.

We have an incomparable depth of industry expertise and functionality supported by our extensive geographical reach. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address problems in a very distinctive, holistic manner resulting in successful solutions. Fundamentally, we are a network of people who are passionate about taking on immense challenges that face our clients.


A project is a finite endeavor with a specific start and completion date, undertaken to create a unique product or service which brings about beneficial change or added value.

iMCC GREEN is a Specialty Service company that addresses all project-related challenges that must comply with ESTIDAMA, USGBC LEED or QSAS green building and community certification. Our specialty services go beyond ‘certification’ of your project.

The iMCC contracting division targets medium- to large-scale construction projects based on its extensive knowhow of the process of real estate development management.