We focus on managing the project from feasibility to execution of the works; integrating the Design, planning, procurement and construction aspects of the projects, to achieve the client requirements and aspirations. Due to the magnitude and duration of a project and the number of interacting organizations that are typically involved in the construction process, an effective form of project control must exist if the construction of the facility is to be on schedule, within budget, and in accordance with the defined specifications. iMCC maintain sustainable sites, compliant with green building certification programs, such as creating and implementing erosion and sedimentation controls, construction waste recycling and reduction, and natural habitat management plans for all construction activities associated with the project. This requires more than just good engineering – it requires a construction manager with managerial and organization skills, plus a knowledge of fundamental sustainability principles. Our team specializes in many different areas and is capable of sound management, which is essential to ensure exceptional outcomes.


A project is a finite endeavor with a specific start and completion date, undertaken to create a unique product or service which brings about beneficial change or added value.

iMCC GREEN is a Specialty Service company that addresses all project-related challenges that must comply with ESTIDAMA, USGBC LEED or QSAS green building and community certification. Our specialty services go beyond ‘certification’ of your project.

The iMCC contracting division targets medium- to large-scale construction projects based on its extensive knowhow of the process of real estate development management.