CCP View 2

The Central Cooling Plant (CCP) consists of 4 floors steel structure constructed over an area of 4,800m2 with a capacity of 20,000TR with a thermal storage tank of 2,500TR with four hours back up and connected to a Reverse Osmosis Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant. It is operated by 8 Chillers with a capacity of 2,500TR, 4 cooling towers, 4 primary pumps, 6 secondary pumps and is backed up with a makeup water system that consists of two 300,000 Gallon tanks. The CCP is fed by water from a Sewage Treatment Plant and Treated Sewage Effluent and by a dedicated Reverse Osmosis Plant and has been developed to cater for a 400-key hotel, 485 residential apartment units and 500 staff accommodation units with a provision for future developments of the same capacity.